Dana Dolly Track and Adapters

Dolly Track End Kit: The dolly system is comprised of two "track ends" that ensure the pipe stays the proper distance apart. Track ends are designed to go into any standard 1 1/8" Junior receiver. Most people use "Baby Combo" stands. Flip the track to the other side and you can support it with apple boxes, or go all the way on the ground for low mode.

The New Dana Dolly Track: Dana Dolly now has a portable track system for those who would like to travel with their track. Made of two custom aluminum extrusions, the patent pending design offers a seamless ride that can be configured in 3, 6, or 9' sections. Click on the link below for more info.

Adapters/Stands: We have specially made 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm adapters that fit most standard leveling heads with a Mitchell mount. The dolly comes machined with a standard Mitchell mount. American Studio Equipment now makes a special low boy combo type stand for the Dana Dolly. The Dana Dolly stand has a "T" top welded to accept the track ends, is about 8" shorter than a low boy combo, and has two leveling legs instead of one, which will allow it to level better on mountains or rocky terrain. These improvements are from customer feedback, and it is a great stand. Contact American Grip Equipment - (818) 768-8922 or email [email protected]

What to use as track: You can use any pipe or round rigid structure with an outside diameter of 1.66" (42.2mm).  This is the common size for 1 1/4" pipe 32mm pipe, and also metal conduit. This allows you to use cheap pipe for the road that you can discard, and have nicer pipe for your everyday use. We highly recommend using Schedule 80 aluminum pipe, and we have found a supplier: ONLINEMETALS.COM. They have 6' and 8' lengths of Schedule 80 aluminum pipe in stock, no minimum order, and they ship all over the U.S. Here are two links for Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 aluminum pipe in 1.25."

Schedule 80 Aluminum pipeCLICK HERE

Schedule 40 Aluminum pipeCLICK HERE

They also carry Stainless Steel if you really want to go overboard